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The product Home Delivery .es has been recently launched to help both food professionals and English speaking users who live in Spain or are on holidays in our country. This portal is entirely dedicated to those take away and home delivery restaurants whose staff are used to serve foreigners in other languages, primarily English, than official ones: Spanish, Catalan, Euskara, Gallician.

What are the main features for a restaurant to be accepted in www.homedelivery.es. According to one of its managers, Roxana Nicula “any restaurant serving food at your door step, that means having a delivery service to your home area, whose personnel can accept order mainly in English and who is oriented not only to Spaniards but also to expats, foreign tourists who may or may not speak or understand Spanish, are eligible to be accepted into the directory.”

Businesses are welcome to list their file by simply submitting the English speaking restaurant in Spain in a fast and easy way. But if they prefer to update on a regular basis their listing, they are invited to register first as Members. As from that moment, they will be able to access their home delivery restaurant in Spain any time they need to update:
• offers,
• menus,
• photo gallery of the dishes
• delivery areas
• delivery schedule
• social networks profiles and pages
• and all other necessary details.

The big difference with any other directory service out there is a rich functionality Home Delivery offers to its members. This ensures a highly optimized online presence of their business but also demands of them to render a great service to their customers. The moment a customer visits this delivery service guide, she/he can state her/his opinion by voting several aspects of the restaurant:

• English fluency
• Delivery speed
• Food temperature
• Food quality
• Change available
• Friendliness
• Overall service

as well as by leaving her/his own opinions in the comments field attached to each Home Delivery Restaurant Member.

HomeDelivery.es welcomes you to list your restaurant.
HomeDelivery.es welcomes you to find a home delivery restaurant or fast food, call, order in English or in any other foreign languages the listing displays, wait comfortably at your home, hotel or your holiday rental appartment or villa and… enjoy your meal. Home Delivery is here to make it easy for you.



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